Head coach

Q. How do you find the
right employees?

We’re looking for
behavior. Past behavior
predicts future behavior,
so you’re looking for how
they handled different situations in the past, what’s
their behavior characteristics as it relates to
working with teammates
and customers, with helping improve department
systems, and with trying
to challenge themselves
in order to be a part of
the department winning
or growing.

You’re looking for
somebody with a ‘can-do’
behavior with skills, knowledge
and experience to back up that
can-do. You’re looking for a
‘will-do’; that means they have
the personality and motivation
to jump in there, roll up their
sleeves and do it.

You’re looking for follow-through, which comes with values and discipline. One of the
things I like to pass onto our
managers is, ‘Does the applicant have energy? Will they
energize others? Do they have
an edge — is there something
special about them? Do you
feel they can execute, or are
they just talkers? Do they have

Ask how they would react in
describing different scenarios.
… ‘Explain to me what systems
or procedures you had a big
part in changing or enhancing
at the last job you worked at.’

When you ask them for what
they did well and how they did
it and how they were participating, that’s where you learn so
much about how a person is.

Q. How do you make employees your No. 1 priority?

They’re the ones who are
going to make the vision come
about and earn the customer’s
loyalty and repeat business for
life. Many companies have that
mixed up — they focus on
bringing value to the shareholders, and then it’s, ‘We want to
give the best customer service,
and thirdly, we’re going to look
after our employees.’ They
should be looking after their
employees first and foremost.

Keep teammates involved.
Before every shift, we have a
five-minute huddle. Everybody
gathers for five minutes to discuss any significant event that
took place that day, any customer who may not have been
treated 100 percent to our standard, any piece of equipment
that is perhaps malfunctioning,
anything that may just pop up
that has to do with the performance of the day or highlights something special.

It’s a tremendous exchange of
information and camaraderie
and a tremendous amount is
accomplished in such a short
time. Some of my colleagues
can’t believe how it brings the
company together.

It’s doing what’s important to
your teammates … that sense
of belonging and job security
because they’re responsible,
empowered and involved in
interesting work that they’re
bringing with their talents real
value to the team. If they have
an opportunity to be growing,
promoted, learn new skills —
those are all things that make
a high-performing teammate
equipped to serve in exceptional ways.

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