Head coach

Don Campion thinks of himself not as a top executive
but as a coach. And he refers to his 162 employees at
Banyan Air Services Inc. as team-mates and emphasizes team-work within the organization.

“The team spirit is the most
powerful aspect of a business,”
Campion says.

Campion’s focus on creating a
winning team and coaching his
employees has helped the air
service company reach 2007
revenue of $48 million.

Smart Business spoke with
the co-founder, president and
CEO about how to create teams
through discipline and make
employees your No. 1 priority.

Q. What are the keys to
developing a successful team?

Giving individuals what they
want. What teammates want is
a clear understanding of what’s
expected of them. They want
challenging work with responsibility and involvement, a sense
of being a part of something and
lots of communication.

If they’re part of something
that’s growing and have that
opportunity to grow, they quickly can aspire to see that, as a
team, you can accomplish way
more than individually, but individually, they know what they’re
supposed to do, and as a team,
they know what they’re supposed to do.

The essence of a high-performing organization is that when
each individual is growing and
disciplining themselves, the
whole organization is moving

You become that much more
efficient, that much better in the
eyes of the customer. It
enhances your morale, and
happy employees make happy

You discipline yourself to
become good at your craft. It’s
like sports. If you want to go to
the championship, you’re going
to show up to practice on time,
eat right, sleep instead of party,
work with your teammates and
practice hard as though you
were in a game itself, so when
you come to that game, you can
perform flawlessly and exceptionally.

Whether you’re training personally or trying to learn the
next step in your career,
it takes discipline.

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