The Rodríguez file Featured

8:00pm EDT May 26, 2007

Born: Margarita Island, Venezuela

Education: Petroleum engineering degree, University of the East, Venezuela, 1974; completed graduate work in system analysis and management programs at Harvard University and Columbia University

What is the best business lesson you’ve learned?

You need to focus. Don’t let other people distract you. Focus on your goals.

And, for me, I need to practice that, because when I come to work, there is a lot of noise around me. I’ve learned that you can’t answer everything in every situation. You have to focus on what is important to you.

What traits or skills are essential for a business leader?

You need to have a sense of justice for your employees. You also need to learn different disciplines, whether they be technical, sociological or anything like that. Business has become complicated, and technology is very important.

What is your definition of success in business?

To make money for the business and then give back to the community with humanitarian efforts. You must have a sense of social responsibility as a business leader.