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8:00pm EDT October 26, 2008

Wesley Padgett is an Internet marketing specialist with Magnetiks, a Houston-based search engine optimization company. Wesleyhas a bachelor’s degree in business and psychology from Sam Houston State University and brings his education and 11 years ofInternet marketing experience to figure out the way people think and use the Internet.

Q. What return can a company expect from its SEO investment?

Think of your Web site as your online salesperson. Consumers will make a judgment call if they want to do business with you basedon what they see when visiting your site. If your Web site is in-line with your SEO efforts, you can expect a healthy return on yourinvestment. About 95 percent of eyes go to the organic listings. Investing in natural or organic SEO as opposed to pay-per-clickmakes more sense and will give you a better return long term.

Q. How can a business find a reputable SEO company?

Good SEO companies don’t need a sales pitch. Don’t get emotionally caught up in promises many firms will give likely without evidence. Ask what their reports include, how often they update you on SEO progress and evidence of successful SEO partnerships.Knowing what questions to ask will help you build trust with the company so you don’t have to worry what their motives are everytime they make a recommendation. Anything electronic can be monitored, so don’t let an SEO company convince you there are limitsto what they can tell you about the traffic to your site or what the visitors did while they were there — what they bought and whatpages they clicked on. The monitoring system can even tell you how long they stayed on any given page.

Q. What monetary amount is necessary to make SEO work?

For SEO to be effective, capturing keywords that identify your business is necessary. The demand for specific keywords makes adifference in how fast you can improve your ranking and more effort to be identified. The amount of money put in SEO matters, butthe quality of the work performed is more important. Investing $1,000 a month likely won’t get you a lot, and your marketing budgetplays a role in how much you can invest. Plan to invest a quarter of your marketing budget to SEO.