The Zimmer File Featured

8:00pm EDT May 26, 2009

Born: 1948 in Scarsdale, N.Y.

Education: B.A., economics, Washington University in St. Louis

Zimmer before Men’s Wearhouse: He worked as a substitute high school teacher before going into business with his dad, a clothing manufacturer, in the early ’70s. He started as a purchasing agent in Hong Kong, and then worked as a traveling salesman.

Facts about Men’s Wearhouse:

1973: Zimmer opens the first Men’s Wearhouse store with his college roommates in Houston, Texas. The merchandise consists largely of polyester sport coats from his father’s company. Unable to afford a cash register, Zimmer uses a cigar box to store money.

1986: Zimmer stars in his first Men’s Wearhouse TV commercial.

1992: Men’s Wearhouse goes public. The initial public offering brings in $13 million, which helps allow for continued expansion.

1994-1998: Men’s Wearhouse expands throughout the country at an average rate of one store per week.

1998: Entering the New York market, Men’s Wearhouse now operates stores coast to coast. Revenue exceeds $1 billion for the first time.

2000: After the success of the initial foray into the tuxedo rental business, Men’s Wearhouse begins to expand the business nationwide. By 2002, nearly all Men’s Wearhouse stores rent tuxedos.