A better way Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Oil Field Products & Services

He’s a long way from having one employee and the beginning stages of the entrepreneurial bug, but Wayne Kinsey still has the same expectations.

Nearly 30 years after he started Benchmark Performance Group Inc. as a dry chemicals blending company, Kinsey has more than 250 employees and is president and CEO of a leading developer and supplier of specialty chemicals, emerging chemicals technology and associated services.

Through the whole process, though, Kinsey’s philosophy has remained the same: He wants his employees to work hard, be loyal and dedicated, and ensure that the customer gets serviced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That root mindset comes from watching people do it without those principles. When he was cutting his teeth in the chemical blending services industry, Kinsey saw things like customers who needed products blended together having 18-wheeler trucks back up and move forward quickly with the mix in the back to make chemicals on-site. Knowing that there’s a better way, Kinsey began his company by focusing on the market rather than the product. He specialized in offering contract manufacturing of finished and intermediate products and providing dry and liquid blending for clients.

Beyond a better service model, Kinsey has also put a good portion of his company’s focus into figuring out the next big thing. The company currently holds 35 process and application patents, further proof that hard work and an interest in constant customer satisfaction is actually the mother of invention. The company also has new products coming down the pipeline right this moment, including an antibacterial product that kills 100 percent of disease on contact, including anthrax and staph infection. With systems in place that are a far cry from watching those trucks go back and forth to mix chemicals, Kinsey sees that the best days are still ahead for his company.

How to reach: Benchmark Performance Group Inc., (713) 986-2500 or www.benchmark-research.com