The Chambers File Featured

7:00pm EDT February 23, 2010

Born: Boston

First job: Teaching high school English and coaching football and wrestling in his early 20s.

Education: Degree in English from Springfield College; MBA from Boston College

What has been your most difficult leadership challenge?

It always seems like the last one was pretty challenging.

In the scope of things, I’ve been in some challenging spots in the past. Whether it be on a ship in the North Sea when I was involved in oil and gas and running a crew of divers and with people at risk. That was a challenge to balance the demands of the job with the help of the employees. While that was a life-and-death kind of a role, that kind of follows from and transcends how one views a situation that is one like we are faced, which is a destruction of the economy and how one reacts to keeping a business alive.

What has been your greatest leadership lesson?

Things will occur that are unexpected or not planned for. Part of leadership is dealing with that.

If you couldn’t have your current job, what job would you want?

I would probably enjoy and be challenged by working with an agency like the Chamber of Commerce or something like that, and trying to enroll members into a direction that was consistent with the health of capitalism and a vibrant economy.