Oiling the machine Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

In 2004, Jim Hamilton founded GlobaLogix, a Houston-based oilfield automation company that specializes in capturing field operational data and converting it into actionable information.

Originally, the business centered on software and bringing intelligence to the oilfield. Since then, the focus on software has expanded to include installation, but increased intelligence is still the end goal. Hamilton saw the need for automation and envisioned a future oilfield that will resemble a factory floor, with intelligent devices communicating with each other to help the industry overcome looming personnel shortages.

Hamilton’s industry experience taught him that operators use information, not data, to make decisions, and that data is perishable — but most operators don’t know how to turn data into the information they need. He founded GlobaLogix to deliver data and processing solutions on the principle of turning wellhead data into actionable information.

GlobaLogix’s competitive advantage is its scope of services, which include installation, integration, communications and hosting. As a relatively young company, it has the benefit of nimbleness and works closely with customers to create solutions customized to their challenges and goals.

His plan for the business is simple: To grow and to help the industry move toward an automated model that resembles a factory floor. Resident intelligence may seem like a luxury now but soon will become a necessity, with 85 percent of the industry’s operators poised for retirement within the next five to 10 years. Hamilton sees GlobaLogix’s role in that evolution to develop projects to boost automation in the oilfield.

To help ensure that the company achieves its goals, Hamilton has created a culture that makes it OK to make mistakes, because he knows that his employees are smart enough to solve them and learn from them.

How to reach: GlobaLogix, (713) 987-7630 or www.globlx.com