Better days Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

It began with $6,000, one laptop and a home office in a spare bedroom.

Since then, Junab Ali and Jay Uribe have overcome every obstacle you can fathom to build Mobius Partners Enterprise Solutions.

From the tough days of the dot-com bust to the economic downturn of today, Mobius Partners has been able to position itself well because of the singular focus that Ali and Uribe, who also serve as co-presidents, have shown.

In those early days in Ali’s spare bedroom, the two would make up to 300 cold calls a day until the company had its first order. Within a few months, that resolve had the company breaking even, and today, the company has 25 employees, a strong relationship as a top reseller of Hewlett-Packard and an outlook for even more growth on the horizon.

Along the way, the focus of the company has become one of providing top value to customers and employees alike, so Ali and Uribe have created goals around the best service for the customer and top-flight teamwork inside Mobius Partners.

That teamwork is achieved by setting goals for employees that revolve around collaboration and overall job satisfaction. Employees are allowed to work from home to further improve their work-life balance, and Uribe and Ali have seen that equate to happier employees and better customer satisfaction.

As the company has grown, Ali and Uribe have expanded their product offerings from HP hardware to include new business partners. Yet, they have limited the number of new business partners to ensure that the company is keeping in line with its goals.

So while it’s a long way from that bedroom/office space they used to have, Ali and Uribe still have plenty of work left to do.

How to reach: Mobius Partners Enterprise Solutions, (210) 979-0380 or