Perfect pair Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

When James Taylor and Arun Pasrija met at a networking event, a perfect pair was born.

Taylor, a serial entrepreneur of sorts, needed a detail-oriented counterpart to make his brainchild, CHR Solutions Inc., come to life. Pasrija, whose experience starting and leading a new corporation, was the perfect fit for the operational aspects of running the company.

While Taylor, chairman and CEO, is busy finding new business in the market, Pasrija, president and chief operating officer, anchors the company by focusing on efficiency and cost management. They both work toward their ultimate goal of exceptional customer service at the company that offers businesses a full spectrum of telecommunications, business consulting and IT services needed to maintain their competitive edge.

By playing to each of their strengths, Taylor and Pasrija have made several improvements over the years. Their division of responsibility enables the two men to ensure that all aspects of their business receive close attention, which is not always the case when just one person is in charge.

Two examples in particular of how working together has benefited the company stick out to the business partners. After a recent acquisition brought in by Taylor, Pasrija squeezed $80,000 a month out of operating costs and was able to move that money to create an 11-person sales team to grow the business. And with one acquisition, he was able to reduce the company’s billing cycle from 90 days to 30 days, improving cash flow. By working together on various aspects of the business, they are able to continually improve it to grow.

The pair also revisit their initial business plan each year to build new goals for the company, and they have a vision to grow the company in the future. They aim to double their 2010 projected revenue in the years to come. Taylor and Pasrija have no plans to slow down when it comes to dominating the telecom market.

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