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8:50pm EDT June 30, 2011
At the helm

When Jack Fusco took the helm of Calpine Corp., it was just emerging from Chapter 11 reorganization. As he stepped in as president and CEO, he established a vision for the company to become the premier independent power company in the United States.

Since 1984, Calpine Corp. has been a leader in environmental stewardship while developing, constructing, owning and operating power plants that provide reliable generation. However, operating in deregulated wholesale markets posed challenges and led Calpine into Chapter 11 reorganization. When Fusco came on board in 2008, he began to realign the company to provide clean, reliable and efficient energy and energy-related products to customers while earning meaningful returns for shareholders.

As part of Calpine’s realignment, Fusco put a strong emphasis on fostering customer relationships. By understanding customers’ needs, Calpine has been able to provide innovative solutions, such as environmentally responsible products that help minimize greenhouse gas footprints, flexible products to adjust customer demands for energy supply and products that integrate with solar and wind resources.

The company not only tries to serve its customers the best it can, but it also creates an unparalleled culture of pride for employees. Fusco and the executive leadership team recognize that the company’s employees are its most valuable resource. To this end, he has created company values based on the ASPIRE acronym: accountability, safety, passion, integrity, respect and esprit de corps. Fusco has displayed his commitment to these values by demonstrating them in his daily actions.

Under Fusco’s leadership, the company has continued to pioneer best practices that represent sound, sustainable models for the industry. Going forward, Calpine stands well positioned to take advantage of economic recovery, as well as market and regulatory trends, and the company continues to look for opportunities to economically improve its asset base and benefit from organic growth investment opportunities.

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