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8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011
Global powerhouse

In 2003, James A. Taylor and Arun Pasrija joined to co-found a company to address the fragmentation of services within the communications industry. They anticipated the convergence of information technology and telecommunications and positioned CHR Solutions Inc., a provider of technology solutions and business operations services, to meet the need.

In 2006, CHR and Global 1 Source Group merged to form an entity focused on rural telecom and energy companies. Taylor, who serves as chairman and CEO, and Pasrija, who serves as president and COO, have been growing the company through acquisitions ever since.

In 2009, CHR acquired Martin Group, a software provider, tripling its annual revenue and adding 275 employees. CHR’s national reach expanded to the Pacific Northwest when it acquired SaaS provider Western Datapro. And in 2010, the company acquired Inkrea Consulting, of Bangalore, India, firmly establishing the company as an global business.

In an industry that moves at break-neck speeds, where the latest technology is often dated by the time it reaches the marketplace, CHR remains steps ahead of the competition. With innovations such as cloud services and partnerships providing 4G wireless, it maintains a dynamic and flexible approach to adopting new solutions in anticipation of client needs.

Taylor and Pasrija continue to pursue CHR’s strategy of organic and acquisition growth. In addition, a great deal of emphasis is being put on developing and enhancing unique practices that bolster the customer experience. This includes monitoring and training programs for new and existing services, which increase client profitability through improved practices.

Today, this multifaceted powerhouse provides a robust and comprehensive portfolio of solutions and outsourcing services, with 10 offices and two network operating centers in six states and two countries.

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