Hearing the call Featured

8:13pm EDT June 30, 2011
Hearing the call

James E. “Jeb” Bashaw heard the call from President George W. Bush in 2001 and he responded. In response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the fear that it created, Bush asked people who had the means to start a business to do so and start hiring people. Bashaw took this request to heart and launched James E. Bashaw & Co. He quit his job at the time, forfeited a lot of money in deferred compensation and used his personal net worth to get started. But because Bashaw felt strongly about what he was doing, he didn’t let those things stand in his way.

When he founded it, the financial advisory firm had four employees. In 10 years, it has since grown to 50 employees in five offices across Texas.

One of Bashaw’s biggest priorities was to create a firm that put the customers first. He felt existing firms had gotten away from that philosophy and he wanted to bring it back with his business.

Bashaw, the firm’s CEO, believes in treating each client individually. Rather than offering pre-packaged solutions that have no personalization, he has his team work with clients to determine what their specific situation requires so that a solution can be found that ensures they get what they are looking for.

Bashaw promotes from within and looks for team members who want to grow in his organization, resulting in low turnover and high employee retention. Employees appreciate the collaborative nature of the business and the opportunity to be part of what’s happening.

To reinforce his desire to have good people in the company, Bashaw subscribes to the “No Jerk Rule.” Any employee who continues to be a “jerk” is asked to leave the firm.

How to reach: James E. Bashaw & Co., (713) 552-0505 or www.jamesebashaw.com