Showing her pride Featured

8:02pm EDT June 30, 2011
Showing her pride

Cindy Marion takes pride in the success of Marion Montgomery Inc. But it’s the satisfaction of the clients at her marketing and communication services firm that brings an even bigger smile to her face.

Marion had worked for many marketing firms that were more interested in their own glory than that of their clients. She wanted to start a business that sought to not only meet client expectations but to exceed them. She wanted to build a team of employees who felt the same way and would work hard to find great ways to give clients what they were looking for.

It hasn’t always been easy. In 2004, a dishonest client did not honor hundreds of thousands of dollars in billing payment commitments after work was delivered. Marion still honored the vendor commitments and proceeded with payment to them, even though she hadn’t received payment herself. It’s part of her belief that the company is about more than dollars and cents; it’s about the people who come to her for service and the employees who provide it.

Marion, the firm’s president and CEO, does not place strict boundaries on the relationships between her team and its clients. She wants to find the solutions they are looking for and provide the service that they need. She wants her team to be empowered to find creative solutions to challenges and relieve the stress of clients, not add stress to their busy lives.

Marion also wants to help the people who may one day work for her, so she encourages her employees to speak about careers in the communications field and provide their expertise for others who are just growing into the field.

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