Winning over skeptics Featured

8:01pm EDT June 30, 2011
Winning over skeptics

Dr. Juliet Stacy Breeze didn’t join Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic P.A. with the idea of taking the business in a new direction. She was just there to help her husband, Scott, who was pursuing his dream of building his own medical office.

But Breeze began to develop a business plan that would expand the practice’s scope to include more services and more physicians. She saw the potential of a comprehensive musculoskeletal care clinic and began meeting with financial institutions to secure funding for her idea.

Initially, there were more skeptics than believers, and it appeared Breeze was going to have a tough time making her idea a reality. But through some help from relatives and one local bank, she secured financing and took on the full-time position of practice administrator to see the project through.

Within a short period of time after construction, the comprehensive clinic was one of the leading providers in Fort Bend County. It included general, spine and pediatric orthopedic care, physical therapy, aquatic therapy and imaging services. New locations began to pop up, and the business took off.

Breeze is a big believer in technology and the benefits it can provide a business. But as CEO, she still makes it a point to maintain a personal touch. In fact, Breeze believes that technology allows her more time to concentrate on the personal needs of her patients. She makes time to review the hundreds of patient satisfaction surveys that come into the practice each month to maintain the highest standard of care at all times.

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