Jo Mousselli didn’t bat an eye when establishing Xtreme Lashes Featured

10:28am EDT July 5, 2011
Jo Mousselli Jo Mousselli

Jo Mousselli had been working many years as a registered nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital when she began to think about how the numerous female nurses, doctors and even the mothers and grandmothers of patients were missing out on a chance to beautify themselves every day.

She polled the women in the hospital, asking if they would buy a product that allowed them to wake each day with long, thick, beautiful eyelashes, eliminating the need for mascara. The answer was an emphatic “yes.”

With that motivation, Mousselli set forth to find a product that would do that, but the results were discouraging; an eyelash extension kit and DVD instructional guide from Asia failed disastrously. Undeterred, Mousselli set out to create a quality product and service, using the game room of her house as her office.

Employing a holistic approach and the scientific method, she formulated a safe process for applying lashes, produced comprehensive training programs and tested groundbreaking products. Her goal was to teach stylists how to apply the lashes in their salons or to develop their own independent businesses.

In just over five years, the in-home business evolved into a corporation with more than 50 employees, franchisees representing 28 countries and more than 14,000 trained lash stylists.

While competitors tried to latch on to Xtreme Lashes’ success with imitation products and DVD training, Mousselli, president of the company, insisted on hands-on training with proper instruction for lash stylists.

As Mousselli takes the brand worldwide, she has already started another venture that caters directly to the customer. In 2010, she created the first Xtreme Lashes Studio and has set her sights on a nurse-endorsed cosmetic line that not only incorporates some of the skin care and beauty products she has already receive awards for but also makeup products that complement natural lashes and eyelash extensions.

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