William Schumacher’s entrepreneurship extends back to his childhood Featured

11:03am EDT July 5, 2011
William Schumacher William Schumacher

The seeds for Schumacher Group were first planted in William Schumacher’s formative years. A natural self-starter, he filled a variety of jobs throughout his teenage and college years, from working security at a bakery to making jewelry in his medical school apartment, using the proceeds to pay for tuition.

Despite finding varying degrees of success in his business endeavors, Schumacher’s goal was always to become a doctor. In his first professional job at Opelousas General Hospital in Opelousas, La., he was thrown into the stressful environment of the emergency room, but with a relatively low patient volume per month, Schumacher had the chance to speak with administrators and other doctors, learning the keys to great health care.

Schumacher quickly learned that patient care is about team building -- getting nurses, physicians and other members of the staff to work together.

So when Schumacher went into business for himself 16 years ago, he built the entire organization around that premise. Schumacher Group streamlines the processes and operations for hospital emergency rooms, helping to improve technology and facilitate communication among stakeholders. Schumacher Group helps hospitals with scheduling, recruiting, leadership, quality improvement and patient satisfaction.

Schumacher’s company fills a critical need at a time when emergency rooms are often long on patients and short on staff; it operates in 19 states, assists 2.7 million patients annually and is the third-largest emergency medicine management outfit in the nation.

Schumacher also keeps an eye on the future of the industry. Schumacher Group is actively involved in efforts to positively impact its patients, physicians, partners and the industry at large as its leaders monitor and attempt to influence legislation and regulatory changes on the state and federal level.

How to reach: Schumacher Group, (337) 354-1101 or www.schumachergroup.com