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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Energy Services

Timothy H. Nesler always wanted to create a large business. After a distinguished 25-year career with Marathon Oil Co., he decided it was time to branch off and do his own thing.

In 2003, Nesler assembled six well-seasoned oil and gas executives and together they founded Energy Maintenance Services Group I LLC. Nesler was named CEO and, empowered with new government legislation for pipeline safety, set out to forge a new industry path.

The group opted to grow through acquisition. Nesler and his partners aimed their sights on a division of then-bankrupt Enron, which they believed had a solid base but was victimized by its relationship with its parent company. Nesler petitioned the bankruptcy judge and convinced him and the company’s creditors to allow the fledgling EMS to buy the operations.

From there, EMS never looked back.

Over the next few years, Nesler and his team acquired 25 more companies, each of which provided a unique service and filled a need in the company’s aggressive business plan.

At last count, EMS provides more than 350 different services to its clients, employs more than 2,000 pipeline professionals throughout North America, and provides a full of range of operations and maintenance services on approximately 20,000 miles of pipelines for a range of oil and gas industry clients.

EMS operates eight service lines — pipeline management, pipeline integrity, production and pipeline projects, power and mechanical series, liquid natural gas services, data management services, leak detection and repair, and offshore services.

Nesler has been able to retain between 90 and 95 percent of the management from the companies it has acquired, giving the combined entity a deep talent pool and wealth of industry experience.

Last year, Nesler undertook an extensive cross-marketing model across its entities and EMS saw its annual revenue double in just one year’s time.

How to reach: Energy Maintenance Services Group I LLC, (713) 595-7600 or