Competitive edge Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Financial Services

Javier Loya’s competitive nature drove him to merge his first company, Choice Energy, with five other commodity brokerage firms in 2007. Today, there are 17 portfolio companies under the umbrella of OTC Global Holdings, a fast-growing commodities brokerage house that has capitalized on the fragmented over-the-counter energy markets through pooling of risk and leveraging technology.

Pooling the companies allows them to continue in their markets, leverage liquidity and share risk, providing a competitive advantage to the portfolio companies that can execute trading strategies they might not be able to as standalone entities.

Loya’s office speaks volumes about his competitive nature and strong work ethic, which he credits to watching his parents and older siblings growing up in El Paso. His old football helmet from his days at Columbia University sits by the desk of the president and CEO, and memorabilia from the Houston Texans — a team Loya invests in — decorates the walls. He thrives in aggressive environments, which makes him a natural in commodities.

Despite a competitive past, Loya recognizes that sometimes the best thing to do is to alleviate risks. Knowing when to take risks and when to stop keeps him at the top of his game. In 2009, the company began sending all trades to a centralized record system, allowing brokers to access transactions more quickly, thus reducing costs. And for Loya, investing in new technology systems adds efficiency and security to the company, freeing up office time, which gives brokers more time to spend developing their trade strategies. And should OTC Global Holding identify other appropriate partners, Loya’s competitive business model allows for future growth of the company. Loya also strives to do his best when it comes to the community. He is associated with Texans’ Hispanic Advisory Board, AIDS Foundation Houston, American Cancer Society, Oasis Haven for Women and Children, March of Dimes and others.

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