Multitasking brothers Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Business Services

Growing up, brothers Ned E. Schwing and Robert L. Schwing had a paper route together. That partnership in newspaper distribution was the start of a lifelong collaboration.

After graduating from college, the brothers researched potential opportunities for a new business and finally settled on the delivery of health care. As a result, they founded SouthWest Renal Care and finally found a group in El Paso willing to invest in dialysis centers with them. Despite their lack of experience, the men were committed to succeed and friends and family believed in the brothers enough to provide the majority of their initial capital.

The brothers dedicated long hours working in their centers to learn as much as they could and eventually sold the business with the intent of taking six months off. That plan lasted a month before the Schwings founded Physicians Surgical Care, which owned and operated freestanding, outpatient ambulatory surgery centers across the country. In 2004, the brothers merged the business with another and went public.

But a year earlier, in 2003, while still involved with Physicians Surgical Care, the Schwings founded National Cardiovascular Partners LP, which collaborates with cardiologists and hospital systems to develop, own and operate outpatient cardiovascular catheterization labs and inpatient catheterization programs. Ned serves as chairman, while Robert serves as CEO.

The brothers also established Specialty Therapeutics Care in 2006, aimed at serving hemophilia therapies, and they have two other businesses in varying stages of development

When Ned and Robert are not overseeing their companies, the brothers devote themselves to their community. They regularly contributes time and money to the American Heart Association and the Legs for Life program, and both brothers also chair and support various other charity efforts.

How to reach: National Cardiovascular Partners LP, (713) 812-7586 or