Faster than a speeding bullet Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Business Services & Staffing

When Paula Manning founded Triad Resources Inc. in 1999, she had been involved in the staffing industry for eight years. But she was sure that she could do things better than others and set out on her own.

What began as a two-person operation in a 700-square-foot apartment swiftly grew into a premier technical talent firm with more than 100 employees, blue-chip clients and 50 percent year-over-year growth.

Triad is a search firm that specializes in IT by providing managed contract services, direct-hire staffing and comprehensive training solutions to clients, and its success can be directly traced back to Manning’s approach.

Beyond staffing her team with only top-quality talent steeped with deep industry experience, Manning believes it’s imperative to run a scalable operation. She established a cross-functional organization with specialized teams for research, recruiting, account management and back-office functions, and invested in customized recruitment software that helped increase her staff’s productivity.

She marries this quest to provide clients with the best options possible to a corporate culture where everyone feels like family and is appreciated for their hard work and team successes.

For example, in 2007, she implemented the Triad Superhero program to recognize employees who went above and beyond. Each quarter, the board meets to select a superhero. The superhero receives a superhero cape, framed certificate detailing the employee’s achievement and a $500 gift card.

And in her quest to achieve excellence, Manning has learned that it is never acceptable to settle for second best. Superheroes just don’t do that.

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