Power in numbers Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Power & Utilities

When Robert and Marcie Zlotnik founded StarTex Power in 2004, their initial goal was to raise $5 million in equity from outside investors.

Though the husband-wife duo had been successful in prior business ventures, reaching that goal for their retail energy provider was harder than they thought. Potential investors weren’t keen on their focus on customer satisfaction or on their ideas for a strong corporate culture as keys to future success.

Committed to their vision, Robert, president and CEO, and Marcie, chairman and chief operating officer, invested millions of their personal funds and more from angel investors. StarTex didn’t break even until 2006, but since then, its explosive growth has more than proved that the Zlotniks know what they’re doing. Most years, their customer base has increased by triple-digit percentages, and they’ve just celebrated their 150,000 customer. Over three years, they’ve seen revenue growth of 3,794 percent.

Some companies would struggle to maintain their core values in the face of such fast growth. But the Zlotniks built their mission statement in three prongs to meet and balance the needs of employees, customers and investors. Because their work force has tripled in size since 2006, the Zlotniks recognize that there are plenty of opportunities for their dedication to customer service to slip. But by giving employees pride and ownership in the company, they empower them to provide excellent service.

How to reach: StarTex Power, (866) 917-8271 or www.startexpower.com