Compassionate leadership Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Business Services

In 2004, a dishonest client refused to pay for six figures worth of services, threatening the future of Cindy Marion’s marketing, advertising and public relations firm.

However, she refused to lay off any of Marion, Montgomery Inc.’s employees despite the huge hit that the company had taken. She also saw to it that all of her vendors were still paid for their work. By maintaining the company’s positive working relationship with its vendors and staying proactive, she led the company through a potentially devastating time.

Clients and employees say they value this president and CEO’s dedication to integrity, and her unwavering commitment to the people around her, even in difficult times, is one of the reasons for her success.

From the beginning, Marion set out to start a company that asked itself how to make the client successful rather than focus on what was in it for the company. She credits this mantra for keeping the company thriving for 24 years.

In addition to good business sense, Marion has another reason to conduct herself and her company with integrity — three reasons actually. She is aware that her three teenaged daughters watch everything she does, so she and her husband involve their children in community service and strive to be positive role models. All three daughters aspire to be like their mother when they grow up -- a true endorsement to her character.

Marion sees to it that other young women have the chance to flourish into successful businesspeople whenever she can. She takes on pro-bono clients including Fort Bend County Women’s Center, The Arrow Project and the Fort Bend Regional Council on Substance Abuse. The company also reaches out to students interested in the communications field as Marion and several employees speak with high school and college students about opportunities in public relations, marketing and advertising on a regular basis.

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