Your next superstar Featured

11:28am EDT March 17, 2004
Say what you want about ads that surround us when we're online, but one thing is for certain -- it has never been more convenient to view only the ads that apply to us. The Web sites that I visit know to show me products about fitness, ways to save on business travel and tips on what to do about my territorial 18-year-old male diabetic cat.

For the first time in the history of advertising, a medium exists that enables an advertiser to communicate to a market that it has narrowly identified -- not just by gender, age group and geography, but also by behavior, profession, buying habits and online activity. And, for the first time, there's a medium that enables the advertiser's prospect to be just one click away from making a purchase.

What does this mean for your staffing goals? Whether you are a corporate recruiter managing your hiring process, the corporate marketing director driving brand recognition or the director of sales faced with the challenge of always keeping a pipeline of sales candidates, let me show you where your next superstar is hanging out.

Almost 70 percent of the U.S. population is online; half of those people are connecting at high speed. Throughout the day, your prospective candidates are sending and receiving e-mail, getting news and information, and Googling.

You know about advertising open positions on Web sites such as to effectively reach aggressive job-seekers. But what if that sought-after top producer from your competitor across the street never goes to a job board or reads the daily newspaper's employment section?

Even if he's not actively looking for a job, he probably uses Orbitz to book his flights, Mapquest to get directions for his next sales call or to see if a storm will delay his business travel. So what if, when he visits these Web sites, waiting for him in the middle of the page is an announcement from you, inviting him to discover why your company is an ideal place to work?

Recruitment advertising on the Internet does not have to stop at job board postings. If you complement those postings with a creative advertising strategy to reach prospective candidates on Web sites they visit throughout the day, you are adding a whole new dimension when it comes to attracting the most qualified candidates.

Here are a few ways to pursue this innovative strategy.


* E-mail newsletter sponsorships. That sales superstar that you want to hire has subscribed to numerous newsletters that enable him to prospect and get better at his job. Make sure that your company's career opportunity is promoted in those industry newsletters.


* Search marketing. Eighty-five percent those online use search engines to research and find information. Take advantage of pay-per-click advertising on search marketing platforms such as Google to advertise your open position when prospective candidates type in keywords relevant to career opportunities.


* Viral marketing. The Internet is faster than word-of-mouth; take advantage of it. Place a "Send To A Friend" button in your ad and enable someone to refer friends to your offer. Even though that person may not be right for that sales position, chances are he or she probably knows someone who would be interested.


Finally, look for recruitment advertising experts who specialize in Internet strategies to help you build a campaign that can promote your brand and market your jobs to active and passive candidates. Your sales superstars are online -- you just need to be waiting for them when they log on.

Vangie Sison, director of interactive media for TruStar Solutions, is an expert in the field of Internet recruiting practices and motivational coaching. Sison has more than 20 years of practical knowledge in interactive marketing, financial services, broadcast media and business development. She consults with clients on their Internet recruiting branding and advertising strategies. Reach her at (317) 813-0346 or