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8:00pm EDT October 26, 2010

Born: Montreal, Quebec

Education: College Militaire Royal. It’s Canada’s West Point. I was in the Army airborne, a paratrooper. I did my MBA at the University of Western Ontario, which is in London, Ont. The military is all about psychology and leadership and working in groups. Everything you do is in a group.

People with a military background tend to be terrific, and they are usually the opposite of what civilians always think they are going to be. They usually care intensely of the people they work with and they see the value of working in a group because that’s what they were trained to do.

What was your first job?

I was a paperboy for the Montreal Star for maybe four or five years. I had a good paper route. It was very compact because I had a couple apartment buildings, which is great, particularly when you’re living in Canada because it’s cold outside.

What is the best advice anyone ever gave you?

My dad said, ‘Don’t bother trying to change the opinion of people who aren’t influencing anyone else.’ I think he put it more succinctly than that, but that was basically what he said.

If you could choose anyone to meet, past or present, who would it be and why?

From a spiritual point of view, Jesus Christ and the first Buddha. It would be interesting just to hear what they have to say. From a military point of view, Napoleon and Stonewall Jackson were always my heroes. Stonewall Jackson never talked much when he was alive. It would be really interesting to hear how he fought through the things he did during the Civil War.