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9:43am EDT July 16, 2004
Born: April 19, 1949

Education: JD from Indiana University, 1975; bachelor of science in political science and economics, Indiana University, 1971

Career moves: Worked for the mayor; clerked at law firms while attending law school, then as Gov. Otis Bowen's campaign manager in 1976; practiced law starting in 1977

Boards: Chairman of Indiana Legal Foundation; on the board of directors of BioCrossroads, Indiana Health Information Exchange, Indianapolis Downtown Inc., Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and Indiana Health Industry Forum

What was your greatest challenge in business and how did you overcome it? I was chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank board in Washington, D.C., at the peak of the savings and loan crisis in 1989, a year after the S&L bailout legislation was passed, operating in an environment of incredible distrust of regulators. I had to convince the business community and banking system that the regulators could be trusted. It meant a lot of time on the road with business leaders all over the country.

Past or present, whom do you admire most in business and why? Bernard Baruch, a famous investment banker and national leader of some note. He was focused and contributed in public life and business life to the communities that he served. He had a business mind and a social conscience, and I value that.

What is the greatest lesson you've learned in business? Stay in touch with your customers and your colleagues at the same time. This morning, for example, I spent an hour and a half talking only with maintenance workers on every floor of one of our hospitals. Why? Because they know what's going on -- whether it's good or bad, they hear and see everything, and I learn an incredible amount from them.