The White-Longworth file Featured

6:16am EDT March 24, 2006
Born: 1969, Anderson Education: Bachelor’s degree, business management, Indiana University, Bloomington

What is the biggest business challenge you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?

That would have been the change in leadership within the company. I overcame that with a lot of support from the GasAmerica team. [White-Longworth was COO at the time.]

What is the most important business lesson you’ve learned?

When you’re making a decision, if you choose to do the right thing, you’ll always be able to sleep at night.

White-Longworth on family enterprises: It’s helpful if you have a longstanding history and can talk about culture. I’ve seen other companies where that is a struggle. We’re very fortunate; our family gets along incredibly well. We each know our jobs and responsibilities within the company. We’re all very open and give each other our opinions.

Sometimes we don’t agree. When we don’t agree, we fall back on, whose responsibility did we put this into begin with, and that’s whose decision will override when there are disagreements. Overall, the trust and atmosphere that it gives you is a plus.

White-Longworth on succession planning: Succession planning is always something you always have to be aware of. We do have a very thorough contingency plan. If anything should happen in the short term to any one of us, the company would be fine. This is a family business, and we hope to leave the opportunity for future family generations.