The Moorehead file Featured

8:00pm EDT July 26, 2010

Born: Marion, Ind.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business management, Purdue University

Whom do you admire most in business?

That’s got to be my dad. He was always fair. Sometimes it was his Achilles’ heel. Sometimes it worked against him because he wasn’t a very good negotiator. He was always so fair, he never wanted to deviate from it and sometimes he would get taken advantage of because of it.

With whom would you like to sit down and have a beer?

Malcolm Gladwell. I read all of his books and he seems like a fascinating guy that thinks about things differently than anyone I’ve ever met or read. He takes a completely different perspective. I can take what he thinks and make it my own. I would love to have a beer with that dude.

Moorehead on relating with people: This woman who wrote this book had this quote that’s kind of the key to success and I gave it to all my managers as not only the key to success at business but success at life. It says, ‘Be the exact same person you are with your closest friends on a great day when you’re not drinking.’

I read that and it absolutely struck me. It really affirmed everything that I had been thinking about management and put it all into one funny saying. It’s funny, but it’s deep, and I really believe it. It goes back to being open, honest, transparent and yourself and not manipulating people. It’s everything that I believe in. It’s the people who can bring that to work and to relationships and be that person to everybody they meet all day every day that are going to have wild success.