The Molendorp file Featured

9:23am EDT March 23, 2005

Born: Sibley, Iowa, April 8, 1947

Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration and mathematics, Westmar College, 1969

First job: I was an agent in an insurance agency in LeMars, Iowa, in July 1974.

Career moves: Joined American United Life Insurance in 1987; named senior vice president of AUL's individual operations in 1999; named president of Pioneer Mutual Life Insurance Co. in 2002. In 2003, was named executive vice president of AUL and president of The State Life Insurance Co.

Boards: Board of directors, One America; board of trustees, Boys and Girls Clubs of Indiana

What was your greatest challenge in business, and how did you overcome it?

I am in the middle of that challenge right now. The greatest challenge is our growth strategy, especially because the life insurance industry is a flat industry right now, there is not a lot of growth. We are leveraging our synergies against the current, in some ways.

Past or present, whom do you admire most in business and why?

There have been two mentors and friends in my life that I admire the most. The first was my boss, John Barber, who was head of Indiana Life Insurance when I joined the company in 1987. I admired his business skills and his personal values and the way he embedded those values into his business life.

I also greatly admire the previous CEO of the company, Jerry Semler. I admire him for the way he was able to balance his faith, family and business lives.