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8:00pm EDT March 26, 2008

Born: Indianapolis. I was born (in a room) 20 feet over my head. It means every day when I round in the hospital, I see people I’ve known my whole life. It’s a most gratifying experience. I feel I get to do something that matters. Few people get that opportunity, so I feel blessed.

Education: Received a juris doctorate degree from Indiana University School of Law

What is the best business lesson you’ve ever learned?

Butler University basketball coach Paul Hinkle used to say, ‘Be the firstest with the mostest.’ So I’m a firm believer in arriving early at work and being the firstest with the mostest.

Who played a prominent role in where you are today?

Bishop Woodie White. He’s a retired bishop of the United Methodist Church, an African-American, who was my bishop in Indiana when I first became CEO at Clarian Health. He provided me with moral support and guidance in my health care career.

What was your first job?

I delivered the Indianapolis News when I was 11 years old to homes in my neighborhood that didn’t take it. I was given a list every two weeks of people to deliver the news to for free to get them to subscribe. I was paid a nickel a week a delivery.

If I had 20 of them, I got paid a dollar. It was a terrible job. What you hoped to get was a real paper route.

What is your favorite movie?

‘Best In Show,’ by far. It came out maybe eight or nine years ago. It’s about people who show dogs in dog shows, and it’s a bunch of vignettes where people are like their dogs. A close No. 2, is ‘Best Man in Grass Creek,’ which is a cult movie filmed in Grass Creek, Ind., about a wedding near Logansport, Ind.