The Perry file Featured

8:00pm EDT March 26, 2010

Born: New Castle, Ind.

Education: Registered nursing degree, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

What was your very first job?

I was a nurse’s aide in a nursing home at the age of 15 and continued to do that and work my way through school in various nursing functions. (I remember) the people and helping individuals through their own personal challenges, going back and listening to people give me the story of who they are and what they are and why they are where they are.

Whom do you admire most in business today?

Dan Elsener, president of Marian University in Indianapolis. He has taken a college that was very challenged just a few years ago and, through his passion and his spiritual belief, he has turned it into a university in the inner city of Indianapolis that has just been awarded a medical school. He has created so much opportunity for people from communities that otherwise would never have a chance to get an education beyond high school.

If you could have dinner with any three people from history, whom would they be and why?

President Abraham Lincoln. Inside of his personal challenges and losses, he was able to keep the vision of why the Civil War was so important.

Sarah Palin, because of her will and her strength to maintain the confidence she was able to maintain when she was personally attacked. I would love to truly understand that from her perspective.

Attila the Hun. He was probably one of the best strategists in history. What he was able to do to conquer through a very small handful of teams, there’s so much to learn.