How to discover resources available to California businesses

Business banks can provide more to their clients than financial products. With all of their connections, bankers can steer businesses toward resources such as government entities and industry organizations that can help them grow and thrive.

“Their bankers should be introducing them to the people and organizations that know their industry like the back of their hand, and can offer assistance in everything from tax benefits to manufacturing locally,” says Gloria Ferguson, senior vice president and market manager of the Corporate Banking Division at Bridge Bank.

Smart Business spoke with Ferguson about the various resources available to local manufacturers and other businesses.

Why go to a bank for industry resources?

Choosing a bank that has extensive experience in your industry can be the difference between your bank offering you traditional banking services and your bank playing a vital role in the growth and success of your business.

Part of the role of a consultative banker is to ensure clients are aware of the various resources available to them. When you become a client with a banker who knows your industry, he or she can help your business thrive. A banker who knows your industry is more likely to have a network of industry professionals and organizations and will also know the ins and outs of government resources available to you.

Bankers have connections to a vast network of people from CPAs to lawyers to industry leaders.

As an example, the Bay Area participates in an annual manufacturing week during which people tour manufacturing companies in order to understand those businesses and help them take advantage of resources.

What are some of the local organizations dedicated to helping businesses?

California is a great example of a state with a strong support system for local businesses and manufacturers.

Cities and the state of California have worked to attract and retain manufacturing companies by providing resources and benefits, things such as tax incentives and support for their labor force.

Manex has consultants that provide services to small and midsize manufacturers in Northern California.

It has an edict to meet with companies to determine their needs and help create efficiencies in their business, whether that’s teaching them lean manufacturing methods or working with companies in foreign trade zones that may enable companies to receive tax advantages.

The East Bay Manufacturing Group seeks to educate manufacturers through sponsoring events with CEOs and CFOs on how to successfully run companies and solve common business problems.

SFMade supports San Francisco start-ups and manufacturers through industry specific education and networking opportunities, while connecting companies to local resources.

Also, there are additional resources provided by coalitions dedicated to innovation. The Bay Area Council, Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group and East Bay Leadership Council, and Fremont’s Innovation District and the Fremont Advanced & Sustainable Technology strategy explore common issues for manufacturers and seek solutions.

Why is manufacturing a particular area of focus?

Manufacturing covers such a broad spectrum of companies. It can be anything from semiconductor production to food processing. When you look at the Bay Area it’s very diverse in terms of manufacturing; there is everything from steel fabrication to bio companies, large-scale candymakers to industrial bakeries.

This is an area of focus because of the large amount of manufacturing that has moved overseas because of costs and regulations. In an effort to bring manufacturing back to California, cities and the state have worked to provide incentives and support to these companies. That’s why a lot of these organizations have been created — to attract and keep more manufacturing companies.

Although I’ve focused on manufacturing, it’s equally important to find a banker who knows your industry, no matter what business you’re in. There will be industry organizations, tax incentives and industry professionals that will be able to help your business, and your banker can be the person introducing you to this valuable network. ●

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