Learning to lead

Q. How do you become a
persistent leader and a good

You must follow up — complete the circle. Always call
back. Don’t take no for an
answer. No is simply the beginning of a negotiation.

Persistence is essential, or you
will never reach a goal. Persistence must be a positive attribute
and done in a positive manner.

Make sure it’s clear, consistent
and often. Ask questions. Communication is a two-way street,
so I’ve got to learn to listen as a
leader so I can go back and
adapt or go full steam ahead,
whatever it is.

You’ve got to get more people
involved in that communication.
It’s not just my senior-level staff,
but it has to trickle down
throughout the organization
because some of my best ideas
come from my front staff.

From a systematic standpoint,
you have to have meetings. We
refer to this as ‘check, do, report.’
Check with me, do the task and
report back. It is an effective
mechanism that encourages good
communication. When in discussion, ask for information and
then for it to be repeated back.

Q. What tips would you give
to other leaders who want to
be students of leadership?

Read books, talk to people,
ask questions and stay hungry.
Be ready to learn and absorb.
Be willing to try new things and
adapt from others’ experiences.

Identify a mentor, convince
the mentor to invest time in you
and learn from someone who
has success and vision and can
teach you.

Q. What are the benefits of
leading with these qualities?

You see the fruits of your labor.
You witness your staff excelling
in their careers. Having people
get on board and work closely
with you is rewarding, and you
see all the good you can accomplish because you’ve put qualities
in place that can lead to success.

When you observe from the
30,000-foot level and see your
fingerprints on various achievements, it acts as additional motivation. Most importantly, it’s
watching others develop and
aspire to their own personal
goals — and it’s all part of life
and growing.

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