Customer-first community banking Featured

5:45am EDT November 1, 2010

Over the course

of three decades, Wilshire State Bank has been a model of excellence among

community banks. Even during this recent economic recession, Wilshire State

Bank has shown resilience and profitability while achieving accolades and

recognition for its success.

Wilshire State

Bank, a subsidiary of Wilshire Bancorp Inc. (Nasdaq: WIBC), commenced

operations in 1980 with a mission to be the leading community bank serving

multi-ethnic business owners in key U.S. markets. Focusing on professionalism,

teamwork and service excellence, Wilshire State Bank strives to deliver the

highest level of customer-focused financial services, and its success will

benefit the customers, employees, shareholders and communities it serves.


in Los Angeles, Calif., Wilshire State Bank operates 24 branch offices in

California, Texas, New Jersey, and New York, as well as loan production offices

across the country. Our areas of expertise include:

• Business and

personal banking

• Commercial

real estate lending

• SBA lending

(SBA-preferred lender nationwide)

• Trade finance

• Construction


• Residential

mortgage lending

• Insurance and

wealth management

In a market

that has been clouded with doubt, consistent notions of stability and

profitability are key objectives in sustaining success. It is absolutely

necessary in these risky times to observe and practice these ideas to be

successful. And that is how Wilshire State Bank maintains its vision for

success. To succeed is not just about being a leader among all competitors, but

also by being the continuous support and helping hand for the community and its


“I believe that

the market for those multi-ethnic business communities is still very strong

despite the current economic situation,” says Joanne Kim, president and CEO of

Wilshire State Bank. “I believe our prospects are very strong and we’ll

continue to target those different communities in expanding our branch


The unwavering

dedication to offering high-quality financial services to its surrounding

communities has been Wilshire State Bank’s continuing source of strength. The

bank firmly believes that partnering with local businesses enables the entire

community to thrive. And through a 30-year track record of helping its

customers and communities accomplish their financial goals, the bank has been

able to enjoy success as well. That is why Wilshire State Bank is commemorating

its 30th anniversary in 2010 as the Customers’ Year of Success, in recognition

of its symbiotic partnership with its customers.

It is with

steadfast determination that Wilshire State Bank approaches the next 30 years

and all the challenges and successes that lie ahead.

“The small to

mid-sized businesses will remain in the marketplace, whether in good times or

in bad times,” notes Kim. “And that’s exactly where we are, and where we will


Joanne Kim

is President and Chief Executive Officer of Wilshire State Bank since 2008.

Prior to her current position, Kim served as the bank’s Executive Vice

President and Chief Lending Officer since 1999. With over 30 years of

experience as a banker, Kim’s leadership style is shaped by her personal

values, which include continuous learning; growth and improvement; direct,

active involvement in key business areas; performance excellence and personal

accountability; and a commitment to lead by example. She is the mother of two

adult children.