The Steinfeld File Featured

9:21am EDT November 29, 2005
Born: 1958, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Residence: Pacific Palisades, Calif., with a home in Nantucket, Mass.

Education: Half a semester at State University of New York at Cortland

First job: Newspaper route for “Newsday”

What is the greatest business lesson you’ve learned?
The sun always comes up tomorrow. No matter how challenging or how tough or how bad something might have gone, you get another chance tomorrow.

What is the greatest business challenge you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?
The greatest business challenge has been Major League Lacrosse. How did I overcome it? I’m still in it. I haven’t overcome it, but bringing in very powerful sports owners and sports operators has legitimized Major League Lacrosse and made the whole challenge a whole lot more palatable.

Whom do you admire most in business and why?
I’m an admirer of anybody who can get an idea off the ground and succeed at any level.