The Collazo file Featured

7:49am EDT March 24, 2006
Born: Puerto Rico

Education: Northrop University, bachelor of science degree, aeronautical and astronautical engineering; MBA, Pepperdine University; graduate of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and Management Executive Program.

What is the biggest business challenge you’ve faced?

When you make decisions that don’t work out and you have to let go of people for the better of the organization. We’ve had to go through layoffs as we’ve grown over the years.

What is the most important business lesson you’ve learned?

If you have to make an effort to make things work, maybe you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t need a lot of mental gymnastics for something to make sense to do. Logic needs to be evident in that what you’re doing is better for the company. Sometimes you walk away from big opportunities that way. But as long as you win more than your fair share, you’ll be OK.

Collazo on hiring: In the beginning, it was finding people who had the same values as us. But now it’s much more sophisticated. We do psychometric testing. We need people who have the right personality and a bias for empathy. We need to care about the customers and the customers’ experience. People who go the extra mile. Also, we need people who are very bright but who can feel comfortable working with each other.

Behavior is very strong here. We need people who are team players. It’s a complicated business. No one person can do it for themselves.

Collazo on loyalty: To get loyalty, you have to give loyalty. When we say that people are our most important asset, we believe it and try to act that way. We try to give people the opportunity to progress to whatever level they can. This result is employees who are here for a long time.