How Michael Rosenberg, James Freedman and Ed Bagdasarian jell at Intrepid Investment Bankers Featured

8:00pm EDT June 30, 2013
Mike Rosenberg, CEO, Intrepid Investment Bankers, LLC Mike Rosenberg, CEO, Intrepid Investment Bankers, LLC



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With Intrepid Investment Bankers, there is something behind the number three. There are three on the management team: W. Michael Rosenberg, CEO; James B. Freedman, managing director; and Ed Bagdasarian, managing director. They exude a combination of humility, charisma and energy when discussing their journey from aspiring bankers to their current entrepreneurial venture.

The company has a three-part focus: meeting customers’ needs, understanding how to be a strategic player and embracing innovation through unconventional standards.

Founded in 2010, Intrepid is becoming a major player in the investment banking industry, leveraging the experience of Rosenberg, Freedman and Bagdasarian.

Their experience goes back more than two decades. They built their first venture, Barrington Associates, into one of the most successful independent investment banks in the U.S. It was later sold to Wells Fargo. After Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia Securities in 2008, the trio helped integrate Barrington into Wachovia Securities.

Next, it was Intrepid’s time in the spotlight. In just more than two years, it has grown into a leading M&A adviser in Southern California as measured by completed transactions, number of bankers and revenue. This was all done during challenging economic climates and is an example of the founders’ entrepreneurial drive, vision and skill.

One of the practices that differentiates Intrepid from other investment bankers is its compensation method. Instead of the traditional salary plus bonus structure followed by many Wall Street firms, Intrepid makes every banker a “deal partner” who participates in the fees generated by the firm. This meritocracy structure rewards initiative and results.

Intrepid hopes to create a new standard for middle market investment banks with its philosophy on client service and industry. Teams that put together deals view their roles as hands-on managers of the deal process, leaving nothing to chance and driving every aspect of the transaction with passion. The firm’s senior bankers participate in each facet of the deal process.

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