A not-so-brief history of Alfred Mann Featured

12:55pm EDT October 28, 2005

Alfred Mann is a business builder, and his track record success shows he’s got the Midas touch. Here’s an overview of his start-up story and a vitae of his leadership experience.

  • President and founder, Spectrolab, now part of Boeing, established 1956, sold to Textron 1960, continued as CEO until 1972. Developer of electro-optical and aerospace systems

  • President and founder, Heliotek, now part of Boeing, established 1960, sold to Textron 1960, continued as CEO until 1972. Manufacturers semiconductor and electro-optical components

  • Chairman emeritus, former CEO and founder, Pacesetter Systems Inc., established 1972, acquired by Siemens AG 1985, chairman and CEO of successor company Siemens - Pacesetter, Inc., 1985-1992. Developed, manufactured, and distributed cardiac pacemakers

  • Former chairman, CEO, and founder, MiniMed Inc., established 1983, incorporated 1993, went public 1995, acquired by Medtronic Inc. 2001. Develops, manufactures and distributes microinfusion systems and continuous glucose monitoring systems for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes

  • Former chairman, CEO and founder, Medical Research Group, a privately held affiliate of MiniMed, acquired by Medtronic Inc. 2001. High-risk research group focused on development and clinical trials of various medical devices, including an artificial pancreas

  • MannKind, chairman and CEO, founded 1991 as Pharmaceutical Discovery Corp., renamed 2001. A publicly traded biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel therapeutic and drug delivery systems for the treatment of diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

  • Chairman and founder, DermaPort, established in 2004, a privately held company developing percutaneous parts for dialysis and other purposes

  • Chairman, co-CEO and founder, Advanced Bionics Corp., established 1993, sold to Boston Scientific Co. Developer, manufacturer and distributor of cochlear implants for the restoration of hearing to the deaf and neurostimulation systems for the treatment of chronic pain, migraines, angina and other neural deficits

  • Chairman and founder, Second Sight LLC, established 1998. Development, manufacture and marketing of implantable visual prosthetics

  • Chairman and founder, Implantable Acoustics, established in 2002 to develop, manufacture and distribute implantable acoustic hearing systems

  • Chairman and co-founder, Neurosystec, established 2004. Development of cutting-edge treatment for diseases of the brain and nervous system that combine ultraminiature device technology with the delivery of neurologically-active therapeutic agents

  • Chairman and founder, Bioness, formed by The Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research, Alfred Mann, and Ness Ltd. in 2004. Development and delivery of innovative devices and therapies for physical and rehabilitative medicine

  • Chairman and founder, Quallion, LLC, established in 1999. Development, engineering, and sale of highly reliable battery products and battery product management systems for medical, military and aerospace applications

  • Chairman, Stellar Microelectronics, acquired from Kimball Electronics and renamed 2003. A full turnkey electronics manufacturing services provider