3 Questions Featured

7:00pm EDT February 23, 2010

Greg Jenkins is a partner at Bravo Productions, which he founded with Thomas Neighbors in 1987. The company originally specialized in floats for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, but shifted to event management and event planning during the early 1990s and now has offices in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington.

Q. Why should a business work with an event management firm?

For a person with less expertise in events, the process of planning a function can be a long and daunting task. Event planning firms can expedite the process, work through logistics and even save the client money by knowing the right questions to ask of all parties involved and working through logistical challenges that the client may not even anticipate.

Q. How might a business be able to maximize its relationship with a firm to either grow or improve?

Event management firms understand each event should have measurable goals and objectives and need to receive a return on investment. They understand events are an outgrowth of a larger marketing or public relations endeavor. Businesses can maximize the relationship with an event management firm by treating the event company as an integral part of their team. The event company is there to execute a successful program. The client-planner relationship is based on trust, communication, a mutual understanding and comprehension of the overall project, and a respect for each other’s time and talents.

Q. Other than quality events and the ability to remain on budget, what important values and assets can an event management firm provide for a business?

First, money savings and time management. A business operates effectively when all staff members are focused on the day-to-day operations. Second, resources. Event companies attend industry shows, subscribe to event and meeting publications, and typically have a plethora of resources and tools. Third, creativity and expertise. Fourth, most event companies are a one-stop shop. A business makes one call to the event company, and the event company handles all of the details. Fifth, logistical support. You can have a beautiful event, but if the functions have logistical problems, it can be disastrous. Most event companies have staff members who are exceptional with logistical management and traffic flow.