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8:00pm EDT September 15, 2010

ITEXPO (Internet Telephony Conference & Expo) is the world’s premier conference and exhibit hall focusing on communications and technology. The biannual event, hosted by Technology Marketing Corp. (, provides industry education and expertise through both formal presentations and informal networking.

Global executives will come to the show Oct. 4-6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center to learn how the latest tech products can save their companies money and make them more productive. More than 8,000 attendees will learn about how something called “SIP trunking” can slash their corporate phone bills, how VoIP can allow workers to be productive from anywhere and how today’s collaboration technologies — including videoconferencing — can slash travel costs.

Another important technology focus at the show is social customer relationship management, which allows companies to utilize social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep current customers happy and attract new ones. An additional area of focus is on wireless phone bill cost reduction as well as IP fax, which lowers the cost of fax while increasing reliability and redundancy.

It is no secret that technology is being implemented in today’s companies, making them more productive and efficient. Imagine for a moment how poorly any business would run without access to the Internet or mobile phones. The goal of ITEXPO is to present attendees with leading-edge solutions that they can deploy today and that will help them network with like-minded executives who are looking to the latest solutions to keep them producing in a tough economy.

In one trip to the show, you can connect with people from companies like Cox, Cisco, Covad, Skype, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, Rogers Communications, Sprint and many others. Regardless of your technical level, you can learn a great deal by networking with a wealth of other executives who are looking to stretch their limited budgets with technologies such as cloud computing, which drastically lowers equipment and management costs.

In addition, by attending ITEXPO, you’ll get a sense of what’s working and how well. You’ll make the contacts that you need to reference all year long — and if you’re lucky, you can walk away with a shiny new Mustang, which will be raffled off at the end of the show.

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