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Davey Tree Expert Co.Pat Covey and Davey Tree learn and grow through strategic acquisitions

Much of Davey Tree's tremendous growth can be attributed to acquisitions, a trend many in the company would not have believed possible just five years ago.

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Recognizing the companies that fortify our regional economyCascade Capital Corp.’s 20th Annual Business Growth Awards

Our coverage of the 43 Cascade Capital Corp. Business Growth Award winners for 2014.

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Performance HealthMarshall Dahneke turns problems into profits at Performance Health

He's converted the gray market for the company's products into a successful retail business.

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Distance Over TimeJohn Crum’s Seaman Corp. is built for speed and longevity

John Crum’s appointment to president and COO of Seaman Corp. in January brought a philosophical and physical change to the […]

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How game-playing techniques motivate employee productivity

One of the newer methods companies use to motivate employees capitalizes on game-playing techniques — bringing out the competitive nature in employees. Called gamification, the program applies game-design philosophies to non-game applications so workers have fun while meeting performance goals. “Maybe some employees thought they couldn’t achieve a certain performance level, but if it’s fun […]

New IRS regulations detail standards on how to categorize property repairs

New regulations from the IRS and Treasury Department went into effect Jan. 1 relating to the deduction and capitalization of expenditures for tangible property. The regulations affect businesses of all types and sizes. “These new rules set more guidelines on what can be done and what you have to analyze to get into the proper […]

Staffing agencies must meet ACA changes head on

Staffing agencies that supply companies with professional consultants, such as IT professionals, face a significant problem once the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rolls further into implementation this coming year.

How to lower costs, create efficiency, gain control with production printing

It might be time to examine in-house production printing, which offers companies more control, consistency, cost savings and efficiency than can be realized by utilizing an outsourced partner.

How business owners can profit from SBA lending changes

SBA financing has been around for a long time, but these loans are available to more business owners than ever due to recent program enhancements.