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Signet’s unique leadership approach separates it from the pack

Private equity firms often get a bad rap. They can be characterized as cold-blooded, willing to eviscerate an acquired company […]

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Signet’s unique leadership approach separates it...

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Welty Building Co.Don Taylor’s team is built to last at Welty Building Co.

For Welty President and CEO Don Taylor, building his team is just as important as constructing a building — and he’s co-opted a novel approach to do so.

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Don Taylor’s team is built to last at Welty Building...

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Cascade Capital Corporation 2017 Business Growth Awards

Congratulations to the Cascade Capital Corporation 2017 Business Growth Award winners for their continuing role in supporting and revitalizing our local and regional economies through their impressive growth!

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Cascade Capital Corporation 2017 Business Growth...

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Ganley Auto GroupKenneth Ganley loves selling cars and shares his passion with the team at Ganley...

Kenneth Ganley has taken Ganley Auto Group, a company started by his father, and turned into one of the top dealerships in the U.S.

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Kenneth Ganley loves selling cars and shares his...


How a better relationship with your MCO contributes to financial success

Every state-funded employer in Ohio utilizes the services of a managed care organization. But what can they do for companies? Lance Watkins, vice president of client services at CompManagement Health Systems, has the answers.

Advanced manufacturing creates growth for people, the economy

JobsOhio’s Glenn Richardson explores advanced manufacturing in Ohio and what manufacturers do to increase their chances of success in an increasingly competitive market.

How tax reform changes the financial reporting of corporate taxpayers

BDO USA, LLP Tax Managing Director Todd Rosenberg reviews the changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that are already impacting financial reporting for corporate taxpayers.

How to use document management to streamline onboarding for HR

When companies hire new employees, it usually involves a lot of paperwork and checklists. By digitizing this process, HR can put more of the onus on the employee and electronically track all pieces, says Nano Zegarra, chief technology officer at Blue Technologies.

Data analytics and AI are the future of internal audit and fraud investigation

Kirstie Tiernan, data analytics managing director for BDO, Chicago at BDO USA, LLP, explores data analytics, especially as it relates to internal audits and why artificial intelligence (AI) adds even more value.