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Sandridge Food CorpPeas in a Pod: Bill Frantz’s exit from Sandridge Food Corp. leaves friend Mark...

Bill Frantz was a tax guy. He had no idea that he was about to become a potato salad guy.

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Bill Frantz (left) and Mark Sandridge, Sandridge Food Corp.

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The Will to Win … Northeast Ohio’s Smart 50

Introducing the leaders of the region’s Smart 50 companies presented by Corporate College Cuyahoga Community College, a member of the […]

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Training on HR systems helps staffers better utilize the timesaving software

Human Resource systems are software programs designed to help HR staffers better execute their job functions. However, there are often barriers to implementation with even the best systems. Find out more about solutions to help.

Donating appreciated securities offers more lasting benefits to you, charity

Securities can be much more tax-beneficial than donating cash and can be processed as quickly and easily if given to the right charity.

How to detect corporate fraud and protect your business

No matter your industry or company size, you’re susceptible to corporate fraud from your partners, other owners, employees, vendors, suppliers, customers, third-party companies or individuals.

Prospective billing implementation impacts key dates for Ohio employers

Prospective billing could impact an employer’s coverage status or alternative rating program eligibility, costing them potential savings.

Why you need to diversify your assets to maximize return and minimize risk

Diversification is a critical component for any sound investment plan, but it requires regular monitoring to ensure it’s still producing the desired results in good and bad times. “Whether you are managing your own money or working with a financial professional, you need to review things regularly,” says Raymond N. Sussel, CLU, a financial professional […]