Run call centers effectively, efficiently and affordably with VoIP

VoIP phone systems help to organize call centers in such a way that a company can have the features it needs without purchasing an all-encompassing system at a high price.

How to manage your IT as an investment portfolio

Information technology (IT) often accounts for more than 10 percent of an organization’s spending; however, many companies are managing this as an expense rather than an investment.

Simple steps that can help you and your employees manage your wealth 

Many employers are working harder than ever to help employees develop responsible habits when it comes to managing their money. When your people are in a good place financially, it can only help them to be a more productive worker at your company. “A lot of the education isn’t and shouldn’t be around the 401(k) […]

Outsourced accounting service can help smooth your operations

Many businesses fail to realize that when they reach $150,000 in revenue from taxable sales or services, they are subject to a commercial activity tax. And that’s not all they may miss, says Dawn M. Gainer, Managing Director of Small Business Services at Skoda Minotti. “For instance, taxable sales for sales tax purposes and taxable […]

What you need to know when you enter into a borrowing agreement

Lender liability is a general term that encompasses a number of claims that can be asserted by a borrower against its lender. Each party is required to sign a contract to act in such a way that would not deprive any other party of the benefits of the contract. Although this is the standard for commercial loan agreements, the reality is not always so straightforward.