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Sagent PharmaceuticalsJeff Yordon thrives under intense scrutiny, and helps his team at Sagent...

He brushed aside the doubters and built a business that saves lives around the world.

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Coeur Mining Inc.Mitchell J. Krebs saw beyond the numbers to identify changes needed at Coeur Mining

Mitchell J. Krebs had a plan to transform Coeur Mining Inc. into a business ready to maximize its opportunities to grow.

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Anders Gustafsson sees no ceiling in the growth opportunity at Zebra Technologies

The time had come for Zebra Technologies Corp. to evolve. Zebra had historically defined itself as a printing company specializing […]

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How small groups can ease into self-funding with a level funded approach

Self-funding is a funding mechanism long used for health benefits, particularly in the large group market with 100-plus members. The Affordable Care Act, however, is creating a sweet spot for smaller groups who can use level funded self-funding plans to save money and gain control over costs.

Discovery of electronically stored information poses significant risks

Get a tutorial on what you need to know about electronically stored information.

Learning what your organization is really worth can bring dividends

Knowledge about the value of your business can help you make important decisions.

How to help your employees be smart health care consumers 

Think of planning a family vacation — you spend weeks determining where you want to go, and how much you can afford to spend. You ask your friends and family for advice. You read reviews. You look for the best deals and compare prices. And then, once you’re armed with that information, you make a […]

Commit agreements to writing or risk having no agreement at all

The best way to protect yourself is to get everything in writing.