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Coeur Mining Inc.Mitchell J. Krebs saw beyond the numbers to identify changes needed at Coeur Mining

Mitchell J. Krebs had a plan to transform Coeur Mining Inc. into a business ready to maximize its opportunities to grow.

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Anders Gustafsson sees no ceiling in the growth opportunity at Zebra Technologies

The time had come for Zebra Technologies Corp. to evolve. Zebra had historically defined itself as a printing company specializing […]

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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Midwest Awards

Since 1986, EY has celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit of men and women who have followed and achieved their dreams. These […]

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Gogo Inc.Michael Small is focused on making Gogo the name you know for in-flight connectivity

The first day as a publicly owned company was a rough one for Michael Small and Gogo Inc. See how Small kept his cool and positioned Gogo for success.

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Stop legal malpractice before it happens with these tips

The most important step you can take to avoid legal malpractice is to pick the right lawyer to represent you.

Improving your cash flow through effective tax planning

A cost segregation study may be a great tool to increase your cash flow and manage your tax liability.

What you need to know to comply with new HR rules tied to health care

HR teams are feeling pressure to adapt to policy changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act.

When to sacrifice the benefits of arbitration in favor of litigation

There are many reasons why a company may prefer to litigate in court as opposed to resolving its dispute via arbitration. Here are a few.

How a more engaged approach to wellness provides multiple benefits

What you can do to make being healthy a priority in your workforce.

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