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Big Ten NetworkMark Silverman made a full-court press to embrace his critics and build a better Big...

Mark Silverman has fond memories of Sept. 1, 2007, the day Big Ten Network went live to TV viewers for […]

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The risks of out-of-state liability when doing business over the Internet

You run an Illinois-based business that sells products to customers in your retail stores in the state and online through your website. Although your company has no physical presence outside of Illinois, one of your online customers recently filed a consumer fraud action in Alaska against your business. Do you need to expend the time […]

How your employees can become better health care consumers

Most employers announce annual enrollment for health care benefit plans, give employees two weeks to decide which plan to enroll in, and then expect them to understand how the program works for the balance of the year, says Robert J. Dorsey, Vice President of Consulting at Benefitdecisions, Inc. Open enrollment is no longer just an […]

The who, when, why and how of machinery and equipment appraisals

Theresa Shimansky, manager, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors LLC