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The spirit withinCharley Shin develops the people at Charleys Philly Steaks, Bibibop

Charley Shin and his leadership team have stayed true to their beliefs for nearly 560 Charleys and nine Bibibop restaurants, over the test of time.

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Charley Shin develops the people at Charleys Philly...

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The 2016 Pillar Awards — A continuing community commitment 

Great companies serving great communities The 2016 Greater Cincinnati Pillar Awards honor greatness in the name of outstanding community service. […]

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The 2016 Pillar Awards — A continuing community...

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Cincinnati business leaders share tips on overcoming challenges, driving innovation,...

Effective organizations have a leader at the helm who guides the business to strong performance. To reach that level, a leader has to combine his or her skills and mental toughness with lessons learned through experience — and lessons learned from other leaders and respected sources.

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Cincinnati business leaders share tips on overcoming...

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Dr. Eric Schertel helps develop the MedVet experience at new locations

As MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers builds a network of emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals, the biggest challenge is ensuring the company’s unique culture develops in each new practice.

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Dr. Eric Schertel helps develop the MedVet experience...


Understanding the coverage process in Ohio

It’s the law in Ohio for all state-funded employers with one or more employees to have workers’ compensation coverage. CompManagement's Scott Westerman outlines who needs coverage and how to apply.

Why having the right classifications is so critical

CompManagement's Jarred Post, explains how manual classifications are assigned in Ohio and what an employer should be reporting regarding its payroll.

New option now available for employers operating in other states

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) is now authorized to offer workers’ compensation coverage in other states to eligible Ohio businesses. CompManagement's Kelly Lowry explains how it works for businesses with exposure outside of Ohio.

Consultants augment staff, transcend politics to achieve results

Some companies struggle to effectively reach their performance, project or critical initiative goals after a staff reduction, says Sequent's Beth Thomas. That’s where consultants come in. They offer a point-in-time solution to a problem, often transcending office politics, without adding to overhead.

Monetizing managed care in Ohio workers’ compensation

Service is an obvious factor when considering a managed care organization, but the financial impact of the MCO should drive the decision. Quinn Guist, president of CompManagement Health Systems, explains.