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Dr. Eric Schertel helps develop the MedVet experience at new locations

As MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers builds a network of emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals, the biggest challenge is ensuring the company’s unique culture develops in each new practice.

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Dr. Eric Schertel helps develop the MedVet experience...

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Graeter's Inc.How Graeter’s Inc. handled exponential growth without compromising its identity

The story of Graeter's Inc. and its commitment to what it does best

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How Graeter’s Inc. handled exponential growth...

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2015 Pillar Awards: Honoring greatness in the name of outstanding community service

See who took home the honors in our coverage of the fifth consecutive Medical Mutual Pillar Award For Community Service.

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2015 Pillar Awards: Honoring greatness in the name of...

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Tips from today’s top companies on developing and utilizing your workforce

Having the right people on-board who can grow and contribute is central to the success of any company. But competition for the best and brightest is high.

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Tips from today’s top companies on developing and...


What Ohio employers need to know now that medical marijuana is legal

Stephanie McCloud, government/industry relations counsel at CompManagement, talks about Ohio's medical marijuana laws and what employers should do now.

Close the leadership gap with a knowledge transfer strategy

The rapid pace of baby boomers retiring has threatened the transfer of organizational knowledge from one generation to the next. That’s forcing many companies to address the growing gap in their leadership pipeline. Sequent's Midge Streeter discusses organizational leadership trends and how companies can prepare and retain its next generation of leaders.

The basics of OSHA/PERRP reporting

The fundamentals of maintaining OSHA/PERRP reporting records and the approaching deadlines for posting, tips from CompManagement's Cassy Taylor.

Understanding the coverage process in Ohio

It’s the law in Ohio for all state-funded employers with one or more employees to have workers’ compensation coverage. CompManagement's Scott Westerman outlines who needs coverage and how to apply.

Why having the right classifications is so critical

CompManagement's Jarred Post, explains how manual classifications are assigned in Ohio and what an employer should be reporting regarding its payroll.