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Dr. Eric Schertel helps develop the MedVet experience at new locations

As MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers builds a network of emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals, the biggest challenge is ensuring the company’s unique culture develops in each new practice.

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Dr. Eric Schertel helps develop the MedVet experience...

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Graeter's Inc.How Graeter’s Inc. handled exponential growth without compromising its identity

The story of Graeter's Inc. and its commitment to what it does best

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How Graeter’s Inc. handled exponential growth...

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2015 Pillar Awards: Honoring greatness in the name of outstanding community service

See who took home the honors in our coverage of the fifth consecutive Medical Mutual Pillar Award For Community Service.

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2015 Pillar Awards: Honoring greatness in the name of...

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Tips from today’s top companies on developing and utilizing your workforce

Having the right people on-board who can grow and contribute is central to the success of any company. But competition for the best and brightest is high.

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Tips from today’s top companies on developing and...


Monetizing managed care in Ohio workers’ compensation

Service is an obvious factor when considering a managed care organization, but the financial impact of the MCO should drive the decision. Quinn Guist, president of CompManagement Health Systems, explains.

Five things not to overlook with workers’ compensation

CompManagement Health Systems' Lance Watkins covers five areas in which a Managed Care Organization’s (MCO) assistance can help position employers to achieve and maintain lower workers’ compensation premium costs.

What an employer should expect from their third party administrator

What to expect from your TPA and what to consider when making a selection. Tips from CompManagement's Scott Weisend.

Change management best practices help companies realize ROI

Change can be difficult. When change is set in motion on a large scale, such as across an entire enterprise or department, managing that change is critical to the success of the initiative.

This voluntary program helps injured employees get back to work safely

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab) program is designed to prevent a lengthy disability for an injured worker with a lost-time claim. CompManagement outlines both the benefits and the costs involved in developing a Voc Rehab plan.