Just-in-time staffing offers impactful solutions without commitment

Many companies are investing in new systems and processes to improve efficiency and productivity. They need talented and experienced people to help them implement these systems for a short time. That’s why contract employees are getting more attention.

It costs money to fill a position. Make sure you’re doing it right.

A new hire is a living resource. Employers groom employees to take on more responsibilities, often investing in their education so that the investment will deliver a return. Here's how to manage new hire investments for the greatest return.

Paying employees to go to heath care exchanges doesn’t add up to savings

There is growing sentiment among companies that they can save money by not offering health care coverage to employees and instead give them money to go to a health care exchange. Considering all the tax implications, however, this is not a cost-effective alternative.

How to fix a broken company culture

Culture cannot be mandated, dictated, controlled or replicated. It can be created, shaped and sustained, but there has to be a means to do that, such as a collaborative leadership mindset, an effective framework of change and leadership willing to engage employees

Tools that benefit employers and injured employees

How to get your injured employees safely back to work