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ShurTech BrandsJohn Kahl finds the formula of product, people and partners adheres to success for...

There is a reason why you'll pass one location for another to get a product. John Kahl, CEO of ShurTech Brands, tries to create those differences for his customers who buy Duck® brand products, and it's working.

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www.woz.orgSteve Wozniak never stopped innovating and helped Apple become king of computers

Steve Jobs was a visionary and a dreamer who could pitch an idea while Steve Wozniak was content to be an engineer all his life. Together, it defined Apple.

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ProformaIt was the real deal that counted as Greg Muzzillo set out to franchise Proforma

Greg Muzzillo had put time and energy in launching franchises for his promotional items and business supply company Proforma — and the efforts were showing results.

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Third Federal Savings & LoanMarc Stefanski’s message of culture and values at Third Federal never grows old

Marc Stefanski's biggest challenge at Third Federal Savings & Loan? It’s making sure employees absorb the corporate culture and values.

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Make the effort to manage 401(k) plans responsibly and earn loyalty

A growing number of employers automatically enroll employees in 401(k) plans based on evidence that shows it’s simply a more effective way to get them to save for their retirement. People are 14 times more likely to save money on a regular basis if it’s automatically deducted from their paycheck than when they are left […]

How game-playing techniques motivate employee productivity

One of the newer methods companies use to motivate employees capitalizes on game-playing techniques — bringing out the competitive nature in employees. Called gamification, the program applies game-design philosophies to non-game applications so workers have fun while meeting performance goals. “Maybe some employees thought they couldn’t achieve a certain performance level, but if it’s fun […]

ACA means health care entities need help meeting increased demand

The health care industry, for years, has been dealing with a shortage of health care professionals in medical centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospice and home health care. That issue isn’t expected to go away anytime soon as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has expanded health insurance coverage to millions of uncovered Americans who […]

New Cleveland Clinic Cancer Institute opens potential for development

The recent Cleveland Clinic groundbreaking for a $276 million Cancer Institute, scheduled for completion in early 2017, invites myriad real estate possibilities. The institute will be located at East 105th Street and Carnegie Avenue. “Whether it is janitorial supply companies, pharmaceutical companies, construction jobs, property maintenance, parking and food service, there will be many trickle-down […]